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    Certification aimed to communicate and promote Cretan quality and to ensure authenticity of Cretan products
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"Cretan Hands" is a network for the dissemination and promotion of Cretan quality and tradition with numerous benefits for the Cretan economy. Its aim is the selection of authentic Cretan products with common labelling and quality, resulting in the creation of a strong brand name.

To this end, a process has been established, in order to identify handmade products (excluding food and beverage) in Crete. The process includes control, certification, separation and marking of the products with the aim to promote them to Visitors as handmade and authentic.



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"Cretan Hands" network is open to all businesses and residents of Crete and functions as a driver for the growth of Cretan production, local businesses and local economy. The aim is to promote the products of authentic Cretan folk art, exclusively made by Cretan artists who are the successors of local tradition.